Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope 2024 bring you good health, happiness and wealth yourself and all who you love

Pro to Amateur

As I write this the world is currently still trying to control COVID-19

No. We aren’t purely in a post-pandemic world (in a literal sense) however things have opened up similar to what it was like before March 2020.

Approximately two years before the deadly virus took a grip of our planet, I was already experiencing a feeling that maybe it was time to do something different.

I was tired. I didn’t feel challenged. I felt that the cycle of booking a slate of clients and grinding my way to honour those photo/video contracts was exactly that: a grind.

True, I did enjoy the people and moments I was capturing, but was this my true potential?

I remember getting my first job inquiry in 2019 and inmediately feeling ill. Without much thought I impulsively declined.

This was the defining moment that ushered in a new era of my life.

Was I doing what I REALLY wanted to do? I felt like I could do more. The future was dim, but I knew it was entirely mine to sculpt.

Then a year later: COVID-19

The Coronavirus made my departure from a nearly two decade long “way of doing things” easier. Now I feel like these changes are for good.

Nearly three years after lockdowns, I ask myself: What stayed? What did I walk away with, after a professional career in photo/video? The answer? My passion for digital media production.

I can safely say this is a part of me.

I may have gone from an amatuer to professional to an amatuer again, but without a doubt my love for production digital media stands as true as ever.

During these down years, I have explored the new realms of 360 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality production/editing.

I have also been able to take some of the old – digital photography and video and apply the “new” integrating it into Blockchains and Digital Wallets as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens)

With the years taken from us by COVID-19, it was able to come back as time spent recharging and rejuvenating my passion for my art. This, combined with the freedom to devote my efforts towards the ventures I am enthusiastic about will truly change my “way of doing things” from here on out.

Drones in Ontario

#June1 you’ll need to obtain a #license to operate a #drone from the #Federal#Government #ministryoftransportation

1st year – 360 Virtual Reality COMPLETE!!

It was Black Friday 2017 when the company officially took on the adventure of developing 360 Virtual Reality content, by completing the first order of a 360 VR camera. One year later, Apple Inc, has this on their website!

360 Virtual Reality

In December 2017, as I was struggling to figure out where I should push my career to, I started to look online and discovered the 360 Video section of YouTube.

360 panorama imaging was nothing new to me, as I dabbled with it briefly in 2003 and again in 2011.

It never really stuck with me though, as the technology seemed cumbersome, and the result was just ok.

I have seen 360 video footage on the Toronto Blue Jays Facebook page in partnership with Samsung before and thought it was amazing! Especially paired up with a mobile device and the ability to look in any direction.

I looked deeper into the topic and learned about 360 cameras.

I ordered one on Black Friday and when it arrived I began to capture all kinds of moments.

I quickly learned that the Samsung Gear 360 that I got was a great tool, but it was not a professional camera.

So, I ended up deciding to invest in the future, and jumped straight into the deep end with an 8K Insta360 Pro.

I produced my first work with it in late January 2018 and a week later it was put to the test.

Almost a month later, and several tests I can say now, that I am in the 360 Virtual Reality realm!

I look forward to producing a lot more content for the web and beyond!


TORONTO, ONTARIO (30 NOV 2017) – A new location for a studio is currently in progress and a feasibility plans are currently being evaluated for several geographical areas.

Corporate Restructuring

YES! Of all the things I have dreamed of ever saying I would be doing, Corporate Restructuring is one of those things I never ever thought I would ever say I would be doing, but here I am trying to streamline everything so that all the administrative work that goes behind running a business goes smoothly.

This includes HST, business name registrations, and of course the dreaded inevitability in life: taxes

Lost Dog FOUND Reunion

This one is a milestone video for a few reasons:
1) It generated 180,000+ views
2) It kickstarted the YouTube Adsense program and is generating an income

Who knew that there is a silver lining in every cloud, even when a dog runs away!