Perfect Breakfast

A little tip, when working with food, take the time to perfect what you are shooting.

For this particular commercial shoot, the scene was on display for a few seconds. Regardless, it was absolutely necessary to sift throug an entire box of cereal, selecting only the finest samples.

The same went for the berries, and bagels.

These were just props, and ultimate perfection would have been overkill and a costly one (although ideal).

However taking an hour or two to do this was worth its weight in the final shot.

Vistek Toronto

Only those who know, will know.

Video professionals who have been to Vistek – Toronto and have looked overnthe edge would see this.


That time I had the opportunity to use a GoPro HERO with a Suction Cup Car Mount to film some B-Roll footage.

You would most definitely have to edit the sound out, as the rattling inside the waterproof casing was simply too much.

This was also a few minutes before I ended up driving down a wrong path and with dirt bikes and ATVs.

Definitely got a lot of strange looks ??

The Jerk Chicken Master

I would work late nights, and it seemed that every weekend (regardless of the time or weather) this man would be out on the sidewalk at Eglinton Ave West and Marlee Ave, smoking up the air with his BBQ creations.

360 Virtual Reality

In December 2017, as I was struggling to figure out where I should push my career to, I started to look online and discovered the 360 Video section of YouTube.

360 panorama imaging was nothing new to me, as I dabbled with it briefly in 2003 and again in 2011.

It never really stuck with me though, as the technology seemed cumbersome, and the result was just ok.

I have seen 360 video footage on the Toronto Blue Jays Facebook page in partnership with Samsung before and thought it was amazing! Especially paired up with a mobile device and the ability to look in any direction.

I looked deeper into the topic and learned about 360 cameras.

I ordered one on Black Friday and when it arrived I began to capture all kinds of moments.

I quickly learned that the Samsung Gear 360 that I got was a great tool, but it was not a professional camera.

So, I ended up deciding to invest in the future, and jumped straight into the deep end with an 8K Insta360 Pro.

I produced my first work with it in late January 2018 and a week later it was put to the test.

Almost a month later, and several tests I can say now, that I am in the 360 Virtual Reality realm!

I look forward to producing a lot more content for the web and beyond!

The Grainery

During the time when I was travelling to and from Brampton, Ontario filming Joseph “Bazooka Joe” Valtellini‘s training camp with Kru Paul Minhas at Ultimate Martial Arts, I would have a little downtime.

Just up the street, there was a bakery.

It was love at first taste! Every time I am in the area, I try to sneak in a grab some of these fresh cookies


#Entrepreneurship isn’t about showing up to your #friends #party on a #SaturdayNight to brag about how amazing you are and all the exciting things you’re doing with your life. Often times, it’s a #grind that isn’t always something you talk about because there’s nothing amazing about it, like sitting in your car, #Business #Planning while everyone is out partying on a Saturday night.

Glory 20

A throwback to that time a video I made was broadcast globally on TV and the web via social media channels and the Glory website.