Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope 2024 bring you good health, happiness and wealth yourself and all who you love

METAhuskies – Fall 2022

I simply feel blessed to be able to produce this bit of content for the METAhuskies channel.

Pro to Amateur

As I write this the world is currently still trying to control COVID-19

No. We aren’t purely in a post-pandemic world (in a literal sense) however things have opened up similar to what it was like before March 2020.

Approximately two years before the deadly virus took a grip of our planet, I was already experiencing a feeling that maybe it was time to do something different.

I was tired. I didn’t feel challenged. I felt that the cycle of booking a slate of clients and grinding my way to honour those photo/video contracts was exactly that: a grind.

True, I did enjoy the people and moments I was capturing, but was this my true potential?

I remember getting my first job inquiry in 2019 and inmediately feeling ill. Without much thought I impulsively declined.

This was the defining moment that ushered in a new era of my life.

Was I doing what I REALLY wanted to do? I felt like I could do more. The future was dim, but I knew it was entirely mine to sculpt.

Then a year later: COVID-19

The Coronavirus made my departure from a nearly two decade long “way of doing things” easier. Now I feel like these changes are for good.

Nearly three years after lockdowns, I ask myself: What stayed? What did I walk away with, after a professional career in photo/video? The answer? My passion for digital media production.

I can safely say this is a part of me.

I may have gone from an amatuer to professional to an amatuer again, but without a doubt my love for production digital media stands as true as ever.

During these down years, I have explored the new realms of 360 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality production/editing.

I have also been able to take some of the old – digital photography and video and apply the “new” integrating it into Blockchains and Digital Wallets as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens)

With the years taken from us by COVID-19, it was able to come back as time spent recharging and rejuvenating my passion for my art. This, combined with the freedom to devote my efforts towards the ventures I am enthusiastic about will truly change my “way of doing things” from here on out.


For one video project, there was an outdoor scene. Not a whole lot was happening in the scene, but I still felt that hearing “nothing” wasn’t very good, so I packed up the field recorder and a mic, and headed out into the woods.

Mobile Tech

Being mobile has been one the greatest advantages of my career. Unlike many jobs that require you to be in a specific, physical location, in this line of work, I have the advantage of doing it “where I want”.

This has given me the opportunity to deal with other things such as:

  • Dog walks
  • Eating
  • Other business activities

You would never know, because all you would see is what is on your screen

Grassy Workspace

Sometimes you just have to make due with what you have. Fortunately, with all this technology, we can still communicate with each other – regardless of where you are!

Drones in Ontario

#June1 you’ll need to obtain a #license to operate a #drone from the #Federal#Government #ministryoftransportation

Open iMac

There was a clicking noise coming from the original hard drive that came with my Mac. It ended up dying, so I had to install one of my SATA drives. This shot was from the stressful, but successful operation.

1st year – 360 Virtual Reality COMPLETE!!

It was Black Friday 2017 when the company officially took on the adventure of developing 360 Virtual Reality content, by completing the first order of a 360 VR camera. One year later, Apple Inc, has this on their website!