The Core

I’ve been coming here and feeding off it’s vibrations for 20 years. It is, after all, my birth place, hometown, and the Mother that has given me life.

I have spent years wandering its streets. Sometimes by foot, by bike, by TTC or by car. I have grown with this city literally from rags – standing outside in the blistering freezing cold with wet feet feeding off bags of day old donuts trying to figure out where to go with (maybe) a dollar in my pocket, to cruising around the city in my own vehicle, with two amazing Siberian Huskies hanging their heads out the window and thousands of dollars worth of equipment packed in the trunk accompanied with wads of cash in my wallet and bank accounts and nothing but progress and good fortune on my mind that has manifested itself in ink on my daily itenerary.

This is my Toronto. This is how I spent my time here. I am still not where I want to be in life, as I am still growing, but without a doubt, this city has been the driving force behind many of dreams.

Toronto Blue Jays WINTERFEST

It was the very first of it’s kind, and hopefully not the last!! It was an incredible experience where I was able to take part in some fan activities that plain and simply brought out the kid in me.

I was shooting 360 VR Video throughout the day, and can relive the moment through this video

TD Towers

Everyday, I used to walk through this courtyard where all the white collar workers would laze around on sunny summer days. It was one of the few courtyards that had grass. Nice grass. The kind that you would want to lie down on. I would always see this on my way.

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Spent a lot of time “Riding the Rocket”. I always lived pretty much at the extremes of where transit reached. The far ends of the subways and bus lines. Getting into the core was always “time invested”. Spent a lot of that time trying to figure out how to NOT have to ride this thing.

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I love this city. I’ve been here my whole life. It has a special feel to it. Might be the fact that we had the world’s tallest building for a few decades. It might be the lake. It might just be the fact that we a multi-cultural and growing city!

Whatever it is, I like to see it at all different angles. Daytime or night time.

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