No doubt, one of the most memorable moments of my life.

I have always heard of the legendary Whistler-Blackcomb mountain in British Columbia. I have seen photos or snow capped peaks, and even dreamed of making it out there “one day”.

It was in 2014, I was contracted to do a commercial promo video that required “Amazing, jaw dropping, Canadian footage” and to top things off, production was to take place in BC.

There was no thought of where I wanted to go to capture such imagery.

The drive up from Vancouver was incredible and breath taking in itself. Arriving there, however, was a whole different experience.

To stand at the foot of these two mammoth mountains surrounded by chalet-style buildings in the skiiers villageĀ  was a moment I where I just stood by and absorbed.

The ride of the gondola, was also an adventure to take in.

Here is a video I captured with my phone in the glass covered vessel traveling high into the sky

After the gondola ride up to the Roundhouse, I climbed up some more by foot and found a higher peak where I set up my camera to take some photos.

There was nothing but the sky above and the world below.

A moment I will never forget.

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